Fitting Shell FAQs

Q: What's the fitting shell?
A: The fitting shell or muslin, will act as the prototype of your wedding dress in standard sizes which allows the designers to give you a glimpse of how the real gown will look on you. Since every woman is different, so when you choose the size, you need to measure your bust, waist and hips firstly.
Q: What does the fitting shell work?
A: Finding a dress is often stressful. One of the biggest dilemmas of brides is not knowing what silhouette works best for them. CocoMelody's solution is the fitting shell. Our fitting shell helps you determine the size and silhouette that will suit your body best.
Q: What kind of fitting shell does CocoMelody have?
A: CocoMelody's fitting shell comes in two different silhouettes: The Trumpet Mermaid Fitting Shell and the A-line Fitting Shell. If your body is well-suited with the A-Line silhouette, you can choose from three options: princess, ball gown, and a-line. The trumpet silhouette makes you choose from sheath column, fit and flare,and the trumpet mermaid.
Q: Does CocoMelody have some fitting shells with sleeves?
A: We want to give you all the options possible and this is why we provide you with two fitting shells. We also have fitting shells for jackets with sleeves. You can match jackets with fitting shells in different silhouettes. Then you can see just how you would look in either styles and which one gives you that 'the one' feeling.
Q: I have tried on your fitting shell, but there is not my size!

A: Once you have decided on the dress silhouettes , you can also try our custom sizing option where the wedding dress of your dreams will be custom made to your measurements.

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