When do I need to return my samples?

All samples must be returned back to us in original condition and they are not to be worn for events or kept after trying them on. If your samples are not postmarked for return by the 3rd day from delivery to you, you will be charged twice the retail cost, plus additional shipping and handling charges. You will also be banned from ordering with us in the future due to a refusal for adhering to our terms and policies.

The sample program is built to help you find your CocoMelody fit, so we really do need them back! Our samples are limited and the program is popular. We want to make sure we have enough samples for all of our lovely customers to try on!

Samples have also been tried on so many times that they're no longer in new condition and probably have some small defects that don't affect fit. We want to make sure you have a beautiful dress for your special day, and to ensure that you'll need to purchase a made-for-you dress in the size, style, and color you need after trying on your samples.

Your return package needs to be dropped back off at 3 days after you get it in the mail. So, if it's delivered to you on Wednesday you need to take it back to shipping company on Saturday. That way you have 3 days to keep your Cocomelody gown!

If your return date falls on a holiday, we totally understand that getting shipping company to take your package isn't going to happen! Just make sure it's postmarked for return by the following mail day!

Arrival Day Return Deadline
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Saturday
Thursday Sunday
Friday Next Monday
Saturday Next Tuesday

The sooner we get your dresses back, the sooner we can ship them out to other customers who are eager to try them on, so please don't hang onto your dresses longer than you need to! You'll be making other brides sad. Nobody wants a sad bride!

Any later than the 3rd day , and we are going to charge you for the full retail amount of the dress plus the full retail cost of a replacement including shipping. We don't want it to come to that though, so if something happens ("Help, I've fallen and I can't get up to ship back my dresses!") and you can't get your order to shipping company in time, send us an email ASAP explaining why, and we may be able to help you out.

Please note, samples cannot be taken out of the country. If they are, you will be responsible for making sure they are postmarked for return by the 3rd day of delivery, no extensions will be granted for orders that are forwarded outside the US. Returns that don't use our return labels are not our responsibility.

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