I can't find my dress in your samples

The sample program is set up to help you test out size and quality before placing an order for your real dress. If the exact size and style you want isn’t available today, it may be out with another customer or it might be something we just don't carry yet.

Keep checking back to see when it does become available!

If the dress you want just isn't available in the program at all yet and you don't have time to wait, we don't recommend just choosing a different dress to sample as another dress may have a different fit.

To figure out your best size, we recommend measuring yourself and matching your measurements to our size chart. This way, you'll be able to find the best fit in the style you need. If you're still not sure, just reach out to our fabulous team of stylists!

We are a small startup and while we would love to have a warehouse full of samples in every size and color, that’s just not possible for us. But we are adding new styles, sizes, and colors to the program as often as we can!

Colors are very limited in the program so if the size you want in a style is available but not the color, we recommend that you order the dress along with some swatches so you can check out our color quality!

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