Can I get a discount if I am a student?

Yes you can!

We know how expensive being a bridesmaid or bride can be but doubly so when you are also a student (we've been there!). This discount is just our small way of helping!
The discount takes 10% off your order, excluding shipping, rush fees or customization fee.
How do I get the discount?
Simply email us at with a photo of your current school ID. Once we receive that, we'll issue a coupon that you can use at checkout.
After your order is placed, you must email us back with the order number so we can make sure that everything proceeds smoothly!
Please be sure to reach out to us in advance of placing the order, as requests for discounts can take up to 2 business days to process. If you reach out the same day you have to place your order, we might not be able to get it to you that same day!
Terms and conditions:
Since our item are at affordable prices aready, we can only offer one (1) coupon code per valid Student ID within a 3 month period. This coupon code must be used on an order that is placed under your name and email address. Orders placed under different names may be cancelled without notice and no additional codes may be offered.
Orders that have already been placed are not eligible for reimbursement, so sorry about that!

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