How do you create and add items to a Showroom?

The Showroom is a wonderful feature that you can stay organized with your bridal party in your showroom. Here you can invite friends, vote and comment on styles you've saved.

To create a showroom, simply click where it reads "Create a Showroom" at the top of the page:

You will receive a few prompts but once complete you will be able to see your Showroom. At the top of the page where it once read "Create a Showroom" it will read "________'s Showroom." If you click on that, you will enter the showroom:

The Showroom will include an option to invite others to view it, a list of everybody invited, and an option to edit the name and event date on the showroom.

Once your showroom is created, you can add any item on the website by clicking the " Save to Showroom" button and it will appear in the showroom to view. You can "like" it, leave a comment, change the color , see whom in the party added it, or remove the dresses.

This is no limit to the items you can add to your showroom and showrooms you can create. The owner of the showroom will always have complete control and will be able to delete anything added to the showroom, but nobody will be able to delete what they have added.

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