How can I make sure all of my bridesmaid dresses are the same color?

Color consistency is of the utmost importance of course. However, there is a chance that there will be slight variations if bridesmaids submit several orders at different times. Because batches of fabric are produced at different times, the same fabric of the same color at different times might be slightly different.

You will need to have all bridesmaids place their orders within 24 hours of each other. And send us email to to tell us all their order numbers. Then, all the bridesmaid dresses will be cut from the same bolt of fabric to make sure they come in the exact same color.

After 24 hours, we cannot guarantee any late orders will be included in the same dye lot as the rest of your party.

Keep in mind that screen resolutions can alter the way colors look on your computer depending on how you have it set. We always recommend ordering swatches beforehand so you can see the true color quality of each fabric in person. Please note that different types of fabrics do take the dye differently, and will not match perfectly. 

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