Color Names Update

Hey Lovely,

In order to improve customer experience, we are changing some color names to more common ones. If you ordered swatches before, just ordered the dress in the new color name. 

Please check the update below:

Original Color Updated Color Name
Ski Patrol Burgundy
Tawny Port Mulberry
Anemone Mauve
Barberry Vermilion
Shell Pink Watermelon
Autumn Sunset Orange
Sachet Pink Candy Pink
Primrose Pink Blushing Pink
Pale Lilac Pastel Pink
Silver Pink Dusty Rose
Linen Pearl Pink
Papaya Punch Coral
Eden Hunter Green
Sage Olive Green
Mist Green Mint Green
Flan Daffodil
Custard Yellow
Blue Heron Slate Blue
Paisley Purple Wisteria(Wisteria Purple)
Sparkling Grape Grape
Tillandsia Purple Purple
Quail Purple Dusk
Grape Jam Lavender
Grape Royale Plum
Omphalodes Light Blue/Pale Blue
Blue Glow Sky Blue
Swedish Blue Ocean Blue
Sodalite Blue Royal Blue
Flint Gray Steel Grey
Cabaret Hot Fuchsia
Crystal Pink Nude Pink
Crystal Rose Pale Pink
Glacier Tiffany Blue
Shaded Spruce Teal
Viridis Teal Green
Pampas Gold
Purple Heather Lilac
Angel Falls Ice Blue
Lion Tawny
Castlerock Grey
French Roast Cocoa
Cascade Meadow
Magenta Haze Fuchsia

If you still have any questions about the color, don't hesitate to contact us!

Happy Shopping

Cocomelody Team

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